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  • Top tips to buy the perfect upholstery fabric like a designer

    When you are decorating, the fabrics are one of the most important part to get a luxury interior design. And to choose the perfect upholstery fabric is important not only for the color or pattern, but also because their quality will influence the entire room design. The first thing that comes to mind when you are thinking about buying upholstered furniture is usually what color to pick. It’s usually the single biggest factor in fabric selection. But while color is important, other factors are equally important.

    It’s essential to choose the right fabrics, especially expensive ones to get the luxury interior design that is intended. So, Room Decor Ideas gives you the Best Tips to Pick the Perfect Upholstery Fabric that will help you choosing this important part of your home decoration.


    1. Pick the main fabric

    The main fabric is suoer important because it will be the one from which you can pull all of the other colors. It doesn’t necessary mean that it will cover something big, it can be a pillow or a lamp shade, but it is the critical element that will the start point to inspire all of the other colors and patterns. Just make sure your color choice is one you can live with happily for a long time!

    1. Take the long view

    Always think how a fabric or leather may age over time. You can see the label and ask questions at the showroom to find out about the material’s content and cleaning needs. The maintenance can be hard in some of the upholstery fabrics and may not suit the needs of the piece. Of course, the importance of fabric durability varies depending on the piece of furniture, which room it is used in and personal aspects of the family, such as if children and pets live in the house.

    1. Incorporate a blend of textures

    Go for a blend of textures like linens, velvets or embossed leathers to create a warm balance and give a rich palette to a room. Choose a fabric that complements both the piece of furniture and the interior decor of your house.

    1. Consider shape and scale

    The best interiors designers recommend to use a solid colored fabrics if you consider to upholster a curvaceous piece, because usually the patterns or textures with a distinctive direction may not upholster well.  Take the size of the furniture into account, too. Big statement pieces, such as a sofa, should be upholstered in a rich solid color or classic neutral so you won’t tire of it over time. You can go bold with the smaller pieces like a luxury accent chair in a bolder shade or pattern.

    1. Have fun

    You can be careful but have fun at the same time. Don’t be afraid to pick fabrics, even if it is just for a small accent pillow to throw in the room or a lampshade. Why not to try stunning whimsical embroidered fabrics?

    1. Think in layers

    Pairing different fabrics and textiles are a great way to layer a room and give it warmth. Coordinating patterns or a monochromatic palate in different textures or solid blocks of color, multiple fabrics give a room depth and sense of coziness.

    1. Be appropriate

    A fabric may be beautiful, but not be right for every room. For example, a gorgeous embroidered silk could be great in a living room, but not so much in a family room. That being said,there are no set rules. Also, keep in mind that you fabric choice should be harmonious with the style and character of the piece it is covering

    1. Go luxe

    From large bold patterns to the modern muted color schemes, just choose a high quality fabric to keep your pieces striking and the room harmonious.

    Upholstery is about experimenting and be faithful to the best fabrics that you can pick and cover functionality too. Adding unexpected accents of upholstery design pieces can actually turn any room into a luxury interior design environment